What are the Types of Replacement Windows?

You would need to think about which material of window frame is best for your house and you once you decide it’s time for your windows to be replaced.  

Replacement Windows

To help you with the decision making, here are some popular types of window frames for your house: 


Aluminum is the least costly choice. It is really strong and light and requires almost no maintenance. However, this material has a very poor available insulation. The reason for this is that aluminum rapidly conducts heat. This means that these frames aren’t energy-efficient. Several individuals say that this type of frame is not eye-catching cleaning services 


Usually, this type of frame is made of a mixture of wood and vinyl or wood and aluminum. Composite frames are really energy-efficient and stable. They could be made with any look and don’t need routine maintenance.  

Unfortunately, several people do not consider this type of frame since it has a high cost. Make sure the decision will not over-improve your house before investing in costly composite materials.  

You won’t recover the expense of the more expensive choice whenever you sell your house if your neighbor has all vinyl windows and you indulge for this type.  


Maybe the strongest option for window frame, fiberglass is harder and more durable than vinyl. This type of material also resists cracking and fading for much longer. Also, it’s less possible to contract and expand. Fiberglass provides great thermal performance too. This makes it one energy-efficient choice.  

This type of window frame is more costly than vinyl. Also, it needs more maintenance. These frames need repainting over time since it could be painted.  


This type of window frame is famous because of its superior look. Wood frames feel and look beautiful. It could also be made to complement the exterior and interior décor of your house. In addition to that, wooden window frames are also a very traditional choice.  

Furthermore, wood insulates well. That is why a lot of people think that wooden window frames are very energy-efficient.  

However, to keep the wood looking great, it requires a lot of maintenance. That is the downside to this frame. Sealing and staining would be required over time. Aside from that, it is also subject to natural factors such as termites, rot, and mold. Also, it is a very expensive option.  


This type of wood frame is one of the most well-known options because of its lack of maintenance and total affordability. Vinyl frames could be filled with insulation. That is why it is also an energy-efficient option. In addition to that, vinyl window frames also provide great resistance to moisture.  

The appearance of vinyl is the main disadvantage. Typically, it comes in just several colors. The most popular one is white. Several individuals consider vinyl window frames to be cheap-looking or ugly.  

To make the whole process simpler, it is best to ask a professional window installer.